KEEPERsport GK Undershirt Panther 3/4

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  • Normalpris 400,00 kr

This Product is made of ANNUALskin, a combination of the best high-tech materials currently on the market. Our new tops now feature innovative zones around areas like the shoulders and the armpits, which enhance the product's robustness and promote air circulation. A new cut makes them look a lot more up-to-date and even more comfortable.

There are FoamPads placed on the elbows of this shirt. They are anatomically pre-shaped and unlike actual elbow pads cannot slide off since they are integrated directly into the sleeves. Cuffs around the openings of the 3/4-length sleeves ensure a tight fit. The ANNUALskin material wicks moisture away from your skin and keeps you warm in all weather conditions.

ANNUALskin is a high-tech textile material by KEEPERsport, made of 91% polyester and 9% spandex. It guarantees top breathability, wicks away moisture from the inside to the outside and keeps your skin dry all year round. It is suitable for all weather conditions!