KEEPERsport GK Undershirt Eagle (black)

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  • Normalpris 300,00 kr

This long-sleeved undershirt is available in four different colours to match all the outfits, which are currently available within the KEEPERsport GuKra matchwear. And since it's made of ANNUALskin, it is bound to impress with comfort as well…

Your skin will remain nice and dry at all times thanks to the material's ability to wick away moisture very efficiently. It can be worn in all weather conditions. Its breathing properties make it a highly functional baselayer all year round. The cuffs were especially designed to provide a tight fit and keep the sleeves from sliding up.

ANNUALskin is a high-tech textile material by KEEPERsport, made of 91% polyester and 9% spandex. It guarantees top breathability, wicks away moisture from the inside to the outside and keeps your skin dry all year round. It is suitable for all weather conditions!